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William Higgins - Erik Vejvoda - Erotic Massage

Genres: Jock, Jerk Off, Massage

Erik Vejvoda is a very sexy guy. He looks great as he strips down to his underwear and lays, face down, on the bed to await his massage. He is soon joined by the masseur who takes some oil into his hands and gets to work. The expert hands glide over Erik's shoulders and down his back.. He massages the shoulders and the neck as Erik relaxes and enjoys it. The neck is massaged and then the hands ride down the back too. Then the shoulders are worked again and each arm is bent up Erik's back and the shoulder blades are massaged. Then the hands get to work on the back, moving down towards the underwear. As the lower back is massaged the fingers slip into Erik's underwear. The underwear is pushed off the very hairy ass exposing it as the hands massage. That sexy ass looks so good as the hands work on it. The underwear is removed completely and more oil is used on that sexy ass. Then the masseur runs his hands down the legs to reach Erik's feet. The feet are heavily oiled and the soles are massaged. Then, with his legs spread attention switches back to Erik;s hot ass. His cock and balls are exposed between his thighs as the ass cheeks are parted to show off his hotl, hairy, hole. More oil is used, as a hand rubs over the cock and balls. The cock is gently wanked as a hand rests on the ass showing the hole. That ass is spread well to show off the tight hole as a thumb rubs over it. Erik is moves onto his knees as shows off his ass as the hole is rubbed. More oil is used as the balls are cupped and the cock is wanked down between the legs. That cock is pulled back between the leg as it is wanked to get harder. That fat cock grows well A finger rubs the hole and then slips inside. That finger goes in nice and deep as the cock is wanked. The finger works Erik's tight hole, fucking in and out. All the while the cock is wanked as well. The cock is wanked harder as the finger works the hole too. Soon Erik's cock releases his hot cum onto the bedclothes as teh finger fucks hard into his hole. That finger is removed and the cheeks are spread wide to show the hole again. Then Erik turnsn over onto his back to have the hands feel all over his chest and to wank him a little more.

Format: mp4
Duration: 21:31
Video: 2560x1440, AVC (H.264), 6799kbps
Audio: 154kbps

File size: 1.1 GB

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