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All Worlds Video - Devil Is a Bottom

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you would sell your soul to the devil? Jeremy Tucker says the Lord's Prayer backwards at midnight to summon the devil. Low and behold, the little devil looks in the mirror and there he is, the devil, in the form of Blake Harper.

One night, the three boys are fooling around: Jeremy Tucker recites the Lord's Prayer backwards in a mirror (urban legend #37), and the devil, played by the bodacious Blake Harper, appears. Aside from scaring the hell out of them, he promises them each one wish. Tucker asks for all the money in the world. Edson wishes for his crush, played by Greg Rockwell, to fall deeply in love with him, and Lyons asks for a big dick.
Later that night, Lyons checks his dick and sees that nothing has changed; disappointed, he goes to sleep. In the morning he wakes up with a foot-long boner poking through the sheets. It's so big and hard that he can't keep his hands off of it. He strokes it, rubs it, jumps around like a freak just to watch his huge tool bounce. Afterwards, he hits the Tom Kat Theater to get some action and show off his new meat.
Meanwhile, Edson wakes up and finds a bottle of love potion under his pillow. He heads for the kitchen, where he makes a protein-and-love potion shake for his dream boy, Rockwell. Rockwell comes in and goodies it down as Edson watches. Edson makes a move for him, but Rockwell gets pissy and walks away. He checks out the bottle and sees that the back of the bottle says that it takes three to five minutes for the potion to take affect. He waits then goes to the bathroom where hunky Rockwell is showering and calls out for him. He walks out, looks at Edson and proclaims his undying love for him, and they kiss for the first time. Edson loves every moment of it. He gets on his knees and blows his love while he sips more of his shake. They move into the room where the two 69 before Rockwell plows into his new love. Afterwards, they cuddle together and spoon.
On the other side of town, Tucker is picking up a hustler, played by Gabe Rivers. Later at Tucker's place, Rivers snorts some coke and kicks back. Then out of the blue, Tucker demands that he suck his cock, so he does. Rivers then rims Tucker and bottoms for him. Afterwards, Tucker pays him, he does have all the money in the world, and the boy jumps up and leaves leaving Tucker all alone.
A year later, the devil e-mails the boys and tells them that he's coming to collect their souls. He sucks them into the mirror and into hell. The boys take turns licking and sucking the (oh so hot!) devil's cock. Then they ask him if he's going to fuck them now, and the devil replies, "No, the devil is a bottom." So he bends over and spreads his luscious checks as each boy takes turns fucking his gaping hole. Once everyone shoots their loads, Jesus, played by Mickey Skee, appears in a glowing ray of light. Skee has come to save their poor souls. One-by-one, the Tucker and Edson ask Skee for forgiveness, and it is granted to them. The only problem is that they loose whatever it is the devil granted them. The last one to step up and ask is Lyons, who says, "But can I take my big dick with me?" Skee replies, "It would be easier to drive a camel through the eye of a needle." Pausing to looking back the naked devil on the bed he says, "I'm going to hell with him then," jumping back in bed with Harper as the two embrace and deepthroat kiss.
I love, love, love this video! The story is funny, the music rocks, the acting is good, and the sex left me weak, very weak. Check this one out because you will definitely be hearing about it come award time next year.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:13:36
Video: 640x480, AVC (H.264), 1369kbps
Audio: 80kbps

File size: 788.3 MB

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