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You Love Jack - Thomas Lowe

This stunning 18 year old is 100% straight but that's not going to stop him from showing off for a bunch of gay guys!

He drops his pants and pulls out his rock hard 7 inch cock as smirks at the camera. He shows that puppy off for a bit then decides to test the water by sliding his finger deep inside his virgin asshole before blowing his load all over his t-shirt. It must be the day for new things because he bends down and licks up a taste of his own cum for the first time too! Judging by the look on his face he won't be coming back for seconds but what a trooper!

The video starts with a shot of Thomas from the waist down as he pulls his skinny-leg jeans over his big size 12 feet. His cock is already swelling inside his underpants and you can see it bob back and forth as he wriggles his pants off of his body.

He sits back on the couch and you to see this beautiful young man's face for the first time. Holy fucking shit this guy is cute! There's an innocent beauty to his gentle features and dark brown eyes that captivates you immediately. When you combine this with his quiet confidence (confident - not cocky!) there's no doubt that this guy gets whatever he wants!

He tugs on his cock inside his underwear for a second before pulling the camera in for a closeup. It's an amazing site to watch his perfect 7 inch cut cock grow to its full length as he slowly works his hand up and down the plump shaft. As soon as he's fully hard he pushes the camera back and relaxes on the couch.

Thomas (his friends call him Tom...) kicks back and keeps working his rock hard tool - showing that beautiful pole off to the camera with a little smirk. It's like he knows exactly how hot he is and he's a little bit shy by but a whole lot hungry for the attention. This guy is so damn cute I can bare stand it!

He lets the camera linger on his youthful body as he plays with his cock. Totally into getting off and not affected by the fact that he's filming himself. A beautiful simple act of self pleasure that you rarely see. Delicious!

Tom moves the camera around to the front and pulls up his legs to show off his virgin 18 year old asshole to the camera. He's 100% straight but totally willing to experiment with his butt so he grabs the lube and pours a sloppy glob all over his taint then smears it around his hole.

He tentatively pokes at his hole with a slick digit and he's a little surprised how easily his finger slides inside himself. The look on his face is precious as he penetrates his asshole for the first time. Part surprise, part curiousity and a whole lot of "Fuck that feels good!" It's always nice to see a straight dude opening himself up to new ideas!

He watches himself in the HD camera's LCD monitor as he slowly works his finger in and out of his asshole. The sensation is lulling him into that sex zombie state where nothing matters but making the pleasure last as long as possible. His expression reflects his longing as he looks right in the lens and buries his finger deep inside his ass. Totally. Fucking. Hot.

He slides his finger out of his butt and sits back on the couch - this straight dude is ready to get off! He grabs his rock hard cock and starts to stroke it with determination. His eyes roll back as his hand becomes a blur on his cock. Inching himself closer and closer to release until he finally spills a delicious load of 18 year old straight cum onto his belly.

Tom coats his t-shirt with stream after stream of stick cum then collapses back on the couch. He takes a second to catch his breath then he gets an idea. He sits up tentatively then pulls his t-shirt to his lips and takes a big lick of his own load. He swirls his jizz around in his mouth for a second then swallows it down while he carefully considers the flavor.

He looks right in the camera with an expression that says, "I can't believe I just did that!" I believe I speak for the group when I say, "We're happy you did!"

Format: mp4
Duration: 13:52
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 4049kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 417.9 MB

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