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Masonic Boys - Apprentice Tyler - Chapter 1 - The Interview

Release Year: 2022
Studio: Masonic Boys
Cast: Tyler, Master Kamp
Genres: cum, dildo, gay, helpinghand, wanking

I’ll confess, I was terrified. I remember looking at myself in the mirror before I entered the temple and trying to straighten my tie while my hands shook almost uncontrollably. There’s usually something immensely pleasurable about tying a tie up. You know, getting it just right, ensuring that the knot is pristine. But that afternoon, everything felt different… I guess I was just desperate to impress them. I had no idea what the interview would entail. I tried to talk to some of the more advanced apprentices about it, but they were incredibly tight-lipped, which just served to make the whole thing seem more mystical somehow. And that made me want it all the more! I walked into a gleamingly white room. A man, dressed formally, all in white, was sitting on something which could have been a chair, but looked more like a throne. I subsequently learned that his name was Master Kamp. He had the most incredible aura about him which entirely drew me in. He was older, of course. I say of course because, throughout my life, I’ve regularly found myself intrigued by older men. My Dad was hardly ever around when I was a kid, so I suppose I’ve always latched on to guys who might end up filling just a bit of that missing space! The connection I felt with Master Kamp was almost instant. I immediately wanted to impress him but found it almost impossible to look into his steely eyes without blushing. His deep voice, which was laced with some sort of European accent, literally made the hairs on the back of my neck rise uncontrollably. He told me to sit on the chair next to him and then informed me that he was going to assess whether I was worthy enough to enter the Order by asking me a series of questions which I needed to answer honestly. He stressed over and over again that I’d be expected to tell the truth. He was plainly expecting me to lie, but I pride myself on always telling the truth… I was, however, immediately thrown by the questions he was asking because they all seemed to be of a sexual nature and, if I’m honest, I’ve always found it relatively easy to avoid impure thoughts. He asked if I’d ever watched pornography, which I can honestly say I haven’t. Then he asked if I’d ever looked at another man in a lustful way. I didn’t even understand the question. I don’t believe I’ve ever felt lustful, let alone looked at someone lustfully… Then he told me that he needed me to prove that what I was saying was true. I don’t know why, but I could feel my face burning up. I was suddenly aware of how close Master Kamp was sitting to me. I could smell his scent, it was a really good scent, and I couldn’t take my eyes of the knot in his tie, wondering if he’d done it up himself or if his wife had helped him, and before I knew what was going on, I’d started thinking how much I wanted to do up his tie for him and, just to add to my discomfort, for some ungodly reason, that particular thought instantly made me start to get hard. And the more I tried to suppress the swelling of my penis, the more it seemed to grow! I was profoundly embarrassed when he told me to take my clothes off. I stood up and looked down at my pants to see my penis underneath the fabric, tenting humiliatingly. I can’t imagine what he must have thought. I was just hoping against hope that he somehow wouldn’t notice. I undressed as slowly as I could in the hope that my erection would go down a bit, but the moment I dropped my pants, the game was up. They make you dress in these almost see-through, tight-fitting boxer trunks and my penis was hard as a rock and throbbing in there for the world to see! I covered it with my hands and sat down again, utterly mortified. Then it all kicked off. Master Kamp walked behind me, then pulled my hands away from my crotch and tied them behind the chair. All I could do was look down at the big, embarrassing, seemingly-immovable object between my legs, which was literally trying to fight its way out of my undergarment. And to make matters worse, the more Master Kamp touched me, the harder it got, and the more my mind started to fill with the craziest, most inappropriate thoughts about him. He started running his hands all over my body, touching my nipples, my belly and my thighs in a way which made everything begin to twitch. I didn’t have a clue what was going on, but to say I wasn’t enjoying it would be the lie of the century! When his fingers started to make very gentle contact with my dick, I literally thought I was going to explode! There was a point when I realized that what was happening was okay. An encouraging smile started to form on Master Kamp’s lips which made me relax and embrace what seemed like never-ending pleasure. Our eyes met and I suddenly knew exactly what it meant to look at another man lustfully. He pulled my dick out of my trunks and started to run his hand up and down the shaft. Then, all of a sudden, he was rubbing oil into it and grabbing and flicking my balls until the dirtiest thoughts I’d ever had started flooding into my mind. My lips began to tingle and I felt my legs spreading wider to give more access to Master Kamp. I needed him to know that I was his. He took my sock off and started to massage and then kiss my feet. He was like a magician. It was as though every part of my body had a receptor attached to it that Master Kamp was activating. Then he pulled me forward on the chair so that my butt was hanging off the edge, and I felt his oil-covered fingers moving towards my hole. All I could think was how amazing it would feel if they were to go inside. And before I knew it, he’d done just that and I was in heaven. He took a glass object from a tray below him and ran it up and down the shaft of my dick. It felt cold. It was sort of penis-shaped and I instinctively knew where it was heading. The oddest thing was that I wanted it to go there. He rested it for a moment against my butt hole - tantalizingly - and then started to push it in. It felt strange to begin with, like it wasn’t gonna get up there without causing a great deal of damage. My instinct was to tense up but something told me to force myself to relax. And at that moment, it went inside. My dick was twitching and throbbing like crazy, almost like something inside it was trying to get out… I started to worry that I was going to piss myself. He repeatedly pushed the glass thing in and out of me, while, at the same time, running his hand up and down my dick. I could feel something tickling in my nuts and realized that I was about to orgasm. He untied my hands and allowed me to touch myself. I have always tried not to do that in the past, but it felt so right to be doing it then. I looked right into his eyes and frenziedly tugged at my dick until I exploded. The semen burst out the head of my dick in thick white ribbons. At the same time my body went all prickly. Then a wave of immense pleasure rolled through me. I couldn’t tell if I was hot or cold. It was the most intense, bizarre, wonderful feeling… one which I am desperate to experience again.

Format: mp4
Duration: 24:20
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 7832kbps
Audio: 316kbps

File size: 1.4 GB

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